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Website Redesign Services

If you need a better and easy for maintenance website?
We have the solutions.

What is website redesign

Website redesign is both a process of updating the design and making functional modifications that will help your website work better.

Our website redesign services

If you wish we can:

✔ Change or create a new layout of your website according to your preferred color range.

✔ Make a complete redesign or new design of your website.

✔ Rearrange the elements contained in the pages of your website.

✔ Increase the loading speed of your website by optimizing (reducing the size) of the images.

✔ And more...

Website Design Principles

Essential principles of good website design which will make your website user-friendly, and effective.

★ The Design

Keep your design as simple as possible so that the visitors can feel it easy-to-use and can find their ways easily. Putting too many elements on the page may lead to distract visitors from the main purpose of your website.

★ The Devices

Make sure all pages look good on all mobile devices as well. Most people surf the Internet on mobile devices rather than laptops and desktops.

The Colors

Use colors, fonts, and images that reflect your company's identity. The number of colors you include in the design is a very important aspect. Too many colors become visually distracting.

Website Redesign - Why and When?

If the site does not work well on all devices
Nowadays, people browse websites from desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones and all kinds of mobile devices. Make sure all the pages on your website look good on all mobile devices.

If the site has awkward navigation
Provide the best experience for your users by providing them with the easiest possible navigation.

If the site loads slowly in the browser
The speed of websites is of great importance for their success. The loading speed of your web pages is also important for your SEO and therefore their position among search engines, i.e., the slower they are, the further back in the search results they will rank.

If it is difficult to add additional features
Always build your website so that you can easily add additional features to it, which will allow it to grow as your business grows without having to repair the entire site later.

If it is impossible to update the content
Maintaining good content plays a huge role in the success of your website. The ability to update and add new content is extremely important, and you should be able to do this quickly and easily using a content management system for your site.

If the site is difficult to find
If your old site is not optimized for search engines or uses old technologies such as flash graphics, hidden text or poor site architecture, then search engines like Google will find it difficult to index it, and therefore it will not appear in the results.

If the site looks outdated
People redesign their sites for a variety of reasons, but the main one is outdated vision, which can harm your business at a time when consumers choose between companies with similar activities then, most likely they will go to a company that has a good-looking and easy to use website because it inspires confidence that the company is up-to-date and evolving.