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How to create a Color Scheme for your website

Choosing the right colors for your website is extremely important, is makes the site memorable, trustworthy and attractive.


Website Primary Color

If you have a logo there’s probably one main color that’s dominating the design and this can be the color that your brand will be associated with. The most important information should be highlighted using primary colors: headlines, main buttons, icons etc.

Number of Colors

Typically is recommended to use a three color combination.

Secondary Colors

Sometimes, using lots of colors together can be a bad idea. In some cases, you may need to use more colors but adding different shades and tints of your main colors could be the answer instead of looking for additional ones.

Secondary colors are used to highlight the less important information such as active menu items,  subheadings, backgrounds, secondary buttons etc.

Neutral Colors

For text and backgrounds you need neutral colors, the most common are white, black, and gray. Additionally, neutral colors can be used in particularly colorful sections in the website.

Website Color Schemes Examples

Some examples of color schemes where you can grab the hex code and add it to your list.

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