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You want to create a new or re-design your website to improve it?
WebDesignPath can transfer your ideas to complete web solutions.


Why is Important ?

1. To find information quickly and easily, most people search the internet, so having a website presenting your products and services will allow people to find you in the fastest and easiest way possible.

2. Your website shows your marketing messages 24 hours, 365 days in a year.

Do you have an environmentally friendly idea to improve human health and the environment ? You can make it possible!

If you need help just contact us, we can help you at any level.


Why Us ?

Our templates are easy to use, responsive and the Content Management System give you the power to customize and update your website with just a web browser visually - without coding.

You can quickly and easily edit your text using the Page Builder with inline text editor. Drag and drop your images everywhere in your pages. Add a new language width, 70+ languages supported. Extend the features of your website by installing some free or premium ready-made extensions such as online store, business directory etc.

Web Design and Online Marketing Services

Оur main web design and online marketing services include: website template design, website design, website-redesign, website-maintenance, global domain name registrations, website hosting and video trainings.

Website Design Services
Website Re-Design Services
Website Maintenance Services
Website Video Training Services

Website Template Creation

Design and sell unique and all-purpose website templates suitable for any type of website

Websites using our website templates are super fast, multi-functional, easy to customize and maintain. By purchasing our template you will get not only a website template but also a complete website (quick start package) that you will be able to download, install and customize in the easiest possible ways using only drag-drop, copy-paste and click.

If you need help we could help you at any level, install the template, customize the package according to your needs and preferences, and everything you could need.

Fast Loading

Website performance “page speed” is a very important factor for a successful website, and we pay special attention to it when creating our website templates.


You can update your text directly inline, just click on it and write in the front-end. You can add and change your images directly using the fastest drag and drop way. 

Easy Styling

You can style every item in your page real time. Set/change the colors, add icons, backgrounds, and everything without coding with direct preview.


You can create easily a multilingual website
by installing over 70+ other supported languages for free with just a few clicks.


You can install thousands of ready-made free and premium extensions, or create your own and insert it in the Page Builder.


You can manage your responsive design as you wish. Change the resolution values for all mobile devices with just a few clicks.

Website Creation Services

Website Design Packs

You can choose one of our Website Design Packages, and we will create your website for you, or you can purchase any website template and customize it yourself, following our documentation. We offer four different website design packages, from which you can select one according to your needs. Our packages differ in the number of pages created. If you require more information, please contact us.

To see all our templates and services, please visit our Shop.

Website Design Process

Website Design Step by Step

Whatever choice you make, we will always be available to help you at any level and any time. If you have any questions or need help just contact us.

Our Services

If you like to use our website creation services, please follow the steps below:

1. Please send us as much information as you can:

- Images and text material.

- What colors do you prefer for the design of your website?
- How do you imagine the navigation of your website?
- Any additional information you want us to include on your site.

2. Your demo website goes online
Once we receive the necessary information from you, we will install the template you purchased on our server and will send you a link to your demo site where you can, at any time, monitor the process of building your site.

Your Initiative

If you like to create your website yourself, please follow the steps below:

1. Download and extract the .zip file

After purchasing the template you have to download and extract the .zip file on your computer.
2. Install the Quickstart package on your server

- Transfer all the necessary files to your web server.

- Create a database for the installation in your hosting control panel.

- Open the URL of your website in the browser and follow the installation instructions.

3. Customize the demo website to suit your needs

Change the logo, colors, images and the text according to your preferences.